Coach Youth Basketball – Download

Aug 15, 2010 No Comments

In The Coach Youth Basketball Book you will find information on:

  • How to Start to Effectively Coaching Youth Basketball From Day 1
  • Team Safety & First Aid
  • How to Develop an Effective & Most of All FUN Basketball Practice
  • Preparing for Game Time
  • How to Explain Basketball Concepts & Strategies so that Young Players will Understand
  • The Rules & Fundamentals of Youth Basketball
  • How to Handle Problem Players
  • How to Deal with Parents
  • How to Get Your Team Organized
  • How to Decide Which Defense is Good for Your Team
  • Fostering Good Sportsmanship & a Love for the Game
  • PLUS – The Coach Youth Basketball Book contains Many Useful Coaching Forms to Make Your Life Easier

Many Basketball “Coaching” books contain difficult and complicated drills that Do Not Work with Young Players.

The Coach Youth Basketball Book has been designed specifically to help you Coach Young Players.

The Coach Youth Basketball Book is packed with useful Coaching Tips, Forms, Diagrams and Pictures that will help you with all aspects of Coaching!

The Coach Youth Basketball Book along with the Youth Basketball Drills & Practice Plans Book and The Coach Youth Basketball Play Book are a MUST for all Basketball Coaches!

The Coaching Youth Basketball Book (Download Immediately!) pdf file format for $15.95